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If You Know You Know (the celebrity party game)

If You Know You Know (the celebrity party game)

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Discover the ultimate test of celebrity knowledge with "If You Know You Know" (IYKYK), the party game where the fun is all in the description!

How to Play:

* Form two teams for a head-to-head celebrity showdown.

* Each team picks their best describers.

* The opposing team selects a number between 1 and 4, which corresponds to the celebrity on the card for that round.

* You have just 1 minute to describe as many celebrities as possible to your team without using their name.

* Play for 4 exciting rounds. In subsequent rounds, you can choose to change the describer or stick with the same one.

The team with the most cards described correctly wins.

The challenge: get your team to guess the celebrity without breaking the rules.

The Rules:

  1. No saying any part of the celebrity's name (it's on the card) or rhyming it.
  2. Forget about air-spelling; you can't write the name in the air.
  3. Don't mention the letter the name starts with or the number of letters it contains.

Remember, if you disobey any of these rules, the card goes to the opposing team. So put your celebrity knowledge to the test, challenge your friends, and let the laughs begin with "If You Know You Know."

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