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Instant Words

Instant Words

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Looking for a game that brings together 3 to 15 (and even more) players for hours of endless entertainment? Look no further than INSTANT WORDS by Centroid Games.

How to Play:
Picture this: a lively group of players, a games master at the helm, and a deck of cards filled with intriguing categories. The games master selects a category and calls it out, and the race begins! Be the first to shout out a correct example of that category, and you win the card.

The objective? Collect as many cards as you can! The player with the most cards at the end of the round claims victory. But wait, there's a twist! There's a special category called "Silence." If you make a sound when this category is in play, you lose a card. It adds an element of suspense and surprise to every game.

Instant Words is not just a game; it's a thrilling experience that guarantees laughter, competition, and unforgettable moments with friends and family. Get ready to challenge your wit and quick thinking while having a blast.

Are you up for the challenge? Gather your crew and dive into the world of Instant Words today! It's time to unwind and enjoy hours of uproarious fun.

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