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Instant Songs

Instant Songs

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Instant Songs: Where Words Become Music!

Looking for a game that turns words into melodies and transforms any gathering into a symphony of fun? Centroid Games has got you in INSTANT WORDS!

Instant Songs is a unique card game that's perfect for 3 to 15 (or more) players and in Instant Songs, your singing voice doesn't matter! Whether you're a shower-singer or a seasoned pro, anyone can play and have a blast.

How to Play:
Picture this: a group of friends or family, gathered around with excitement in the air. One player takes the stage as the games master, armed with a deck of cards brimming with different words.

The games master selects a word, and the magic begins! Your mission? Be the first to serenade the group with a song that features that word in the lyrics. It's a race against time, but there's no need for vocal virtuosity – just creativity and quick thinking.

Collect as many cards as you can because the player with the most cards when the music stops is crowned the winner of Instant Songs. It's a harmonious blend of competition and imagination that keeps everyone entertained.

Instant Songs isn't just a game; it's a symphonic adventure that guarantees laughter and unforgettable musical moments. Get ready to let loose, showcase your lyrical flair, and have a blast doing it.

Are you up for the challenge? Gather your crew, no matter their singing skills, and dive into the world of Instant Songs today! It's time to turn words into melodies and create hours of musical memories.

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