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Instant Acts

Instant Acts

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Presenting Instant Acts: The Ultimate Card Game for Epic Team Fun!

Get ready to embark on a hilariously entertaining journey with Instant Acts from Centroid Games!

**Here's What You Need to Know:**

1. Card Game Extravaganza:Instant Acts is a high-energy card game crafted by Centroid Games, designed to accommodate the wildest parties with 4 to as many as 100 players!

2. How to Play:
Prepare for a game night filled with laughter and teamwork! Instant Acts thrives on creativity and fast-paced action. Here's how it all unfolds:

- Players are divided into 2-4 teams, all vying to be the ultimate card-collecting champions at the end of the game.
- In each round, a team selects an active player. This player takes one card from each of the two decks: one with person cards (featuring occupations and animals) and the other with actions.

And now, the fun begins:

- The active player's mission is to convey the person and action on the cards without using any distinguishable words. For instance, "The cat is dancing" must be communicated by acting and sounds!
- The active player has a heart-pounding 90 seconds to describe as many cards as possible to their team.

But here's the catch:

- When the team successfully identifies the person and action, they claim the cards, which count as points.
- If the active player can't describe and opts to pass, it results in a point deduction for the team.

The Objective?Compete against rival teams over 4-5 uproarious rounds to collect the most cards and secure victory!

Instant Acts is more than just a game; it's a test of communication, creativity, and teamwork that's perfect for large gatherings and parties. With a touch of competitive spirit and a dash of laughter, it's sure to be the life of the party.

Ready to put your communication skills to the test and have a blast doing it? Assemble your friends, gather those cards, and dive into the world of Instant Acts today. It's time to see which team can master the art of acts and emerge as the ultimate card-collecting champions!

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